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A Sad Goodbye to Our Beloved German Shepherd Dog

German Shepherd dog

Our dear German Shepherd, Mika, who was 10 years old, passed away unexpectedly earlier this week. It was very fast and as expected I am absolutely heartbroken.

My husband and I have had other pets that we’ve lost and of course, I was sad, but nothing compares to losing Mika for me. From the start, she was very special to me…

When my father was dying from cancer, he bought Mika for me as a gift to help in the grieving process. I’d just lost my mother 3 months before as well.

Thanks to a dear friend, we found a local German Shepherd breeder, who even trains them for police and veterans. We were going to get a puppy from a litter they had available, but he told us about some import puppies from his breeder in Hungary that would be flying in soon. She came from a long line of Schutzund champions with A+ rated hips! This sounded great to us, so we anxiously waited for our new family member to arrive.

Right at Christmas, when it came time to pick from the litter, crazy me, I chose the wildest, craziest, most dominant one from the litter! Mika was a major handful right from the start. She was WILD… a biter, a chewer and we tried EVERYTHING to stop it. Through frustration & tears, I almost gave up! My husband talked me off the ledge and it took some long, steady training, lots of love, and maturity before she finally calmed down. She still had her crazy side, but she was also the sweetest, loving, and intelligent dog and she was everything to me.

No other animal has held such a special place in my heart. I feel her loss almost as strongly as losing my parents, and in a way, it’s almost like losing a final piece of my dad. When they were working on her and discovered the tumor on/in her heart. Immediately, I said, “Of course, it’s Cancer.” 😢

There’s a hole in my heart for my precious “Baby Mika”that I know will never heal and nothing can ever replace. As it is said“Grief is the price we pay for love”.

Run free, my sweet girl, and know you were loved so very, very much ❤️😢

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